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Biggest Support to the Entrepreneur: Enterprise Turk

Enterprise Turk Inc. is an angel investment company founded by 28 TUGIAD members coming together with Chairman of High Advisory Board of TUGIAD Honourable Ali Yücelen between 2012 and 2015.

The purpose of the company is primarily to follow the innovative ideas both in Turkey and around the world, to explore and to provide going public by growing with the requirement of joining the company with an investor identity. Without the exceptions, the main purpose is to get involved to high technology companies, working and operating in order to provide them become big companies with the experiences of members of Enterprise Turk Inc. by having a place in the boards of management. Enterprise Turk is an investment and consultancy company founded by the bosses of leading commercial foundations in Turkey. Enterprise Turk may make moves to 1) support increasing the export quality of Turkey, 2) provide us take a place in developed countries of world and increasing the talent of developing commercial products in various science branches and science technologies, on condition that it supports the investors about economics and consultancy.

Contact US +90 (312) 439 78 00
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