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We continue to work and develop products about software technologies as Yücelen Group with our STYX Software company. We have participated technology conferences held in Berlin and Prague with 2 different work in 2017..

Neuroadaptive Technology Conference 2017 - Berlin

As Yücelen Group, we have attended ‘Neuroadaptive Technology Conference 2017’ in 19-21 July 2017 in Berlin. We have presented our work named “Classification of Concentration Levels Using Deep Neural Networks” which aims to measure concentration level by using deep learning method. This work aims to get information about a person’s condition of instant concentration by classifying uniquely for a person via Deep Neural Network algorithms with Artificial Intelligence base with EEG data collected in different mental conditions (hungry, sleepless etc.). Possible utilisation of the work in military programs were told.

8th International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE 2017) - Prag

As Yücelen Group, we have attended ‘8th International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE 2017) held in Prague in 22-24 July 2017 with our work named “Using Artificial Intelligence Based Expert System for Selection of Design Subcontractors: A Case Study in Aerospace Industry”. This work is a work that aims to develop a artificial intelligence based software in order to help companies decide independently about person/foundation about sub-contractor. A case study was told for Aerospace Industry based on EASA Part 21 methodology and the data provided by TAI (Turkey Aerospace Industry Inc.).

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