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My Environment is Clean, My Country is Clean

A new category was added to the contest about “The Taurus and the Environmental Consciousness” this year. The students were expected to express their dreams with an art technique that they will decide under the category of “creativity”. A 3D work that tells about the importance of recycling was deemed worthy of prize of this new category.

Descended Rüştü Kazım Yücelen’s son Ali Yücelen, making the speech in the ceremony where the prizes were given to those who ranked in the contest, said “we aimed to leave a clean world to next generations by giving environmental consciousness to our children by this year’s topic of the contest”. Yücelen, who said that leaving a clean country starts from our environment, also said “We want our children to express themselves and explore their skills by working on fine arts such as painting, poetry and story. If we have managed to encourage them thanks to a contest and provided a contribution to raise artist from our county in the following years, this is the biggest acquisition and source of proud for us.” Yücelen, mentioning that he sees a hopeful future in the works prepared by the students who expressed the clean future in our dreams by fine arts, gave the good news that the traditional contest will be organised in all Mersin next year. Starting with the show of middle school students in Anamur Municipality’s Folklore Team, the ceremony continued like a festival with the concert of Mavi Kopru, a band from Ankara. After that, the works, which ranked were announced by principal, vice-principal and teachers of Rüştü Kazım Yücelen Primary school and the medals and prizes were given to work owners. During the ceremony, children from Anamur Folklore team were not forgotten. 8 bicycles were given to students in the folklore team after the students that ranked. Besides the awards, signed books of author Hüseyin Güney who was also a member of jury were presented to children. Opening of the exhibition which contains the paintings prepared for the contest that was organised in memory of Rüştü Kazım Yücelen was operated.

Rüştü Kazım Yücelen

He was born in Anamur district of Mersin in 1948. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics and took place in foundation of ANAP by taking part in the team that broke into politics with Turgut Özal. He was Içel representative in 17-18-19-20 and 21st terms. He started politics in the times of foundation of ANAP. He was on duties of Minister of State, Minister of Industry and Commerce and Minister of Internal Affairs. Yücelen, who had a car crash during Macedonia trip of Yılmaz while carrying on the duty of Minister of State in 55th Government, took treatment for a long time. He was brought to the duty of minister responsible from human rights after Mehmet Ali Irtemcelik resigned. He took the duty of Human Rights Coordinator Chairman of Supreme Board, organised human rights congress in 21 centres in Turkey and prepared the report of human rights, which created reactions in public. Yücelen, who knew French and English, died as a father of 3 boys in 2 February 2014.

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